Attendance survey now fortnightly

The Devon County Council Early Years and Childcare Attendance Survey is moving from a weekly to a fortnightly collection.

As the impact of the pandemic changes, the Department for Education (DFE) continues to review the requirement for information that is used to produce official statistics about the sector. It is crucial that the DFE and Devon County Council have up-to-date information on what funded and bought early years provision is available during the Covid-19 pandemic; which children are accessing it; and any availability or other challenges that may be arising.

We hope this move will reduce some of the burden placed on you to complete the attendance survey and we will continue to update you of any further changes as soon as we know about them.

You should have received your next survey link on Thursday 6th May 2021 to be completed by 23:00hrs Wednesday 12th May 2021. A new link will now be sent once every two weeks, the next link you should receive on Thursday 20th May.

If you have any questions about the survey or have not received a link then please contact