Attendance survey data collection update

We have now heard back from the Department of Education (DFE) about the continuation of the Attendance Data Collection.

The Attendance Register/Survey was started last year as part of the DFE’s early response to the pandemic. The data you have provided has been central to informing the government response on Early Years attendance through this COVID pandemic.

The DFE recognises that the data collection is a burden on providers however, there is still a need for the information as there is still uncertainty and disruption due to Covid 19 and the effects of this on childcare provision needs to be monitored.

The data will however be collected at a reduced frequency to ease some of this burden of providing the data.
The next data collections will be:

  • Wednesday 15th September (you will receive your survey link Wednesday 8th September)
  • Wednesday 13th October (you will receive your survey link Wednesday 6th October)
  • 1 x date in November to be confirmed
  • 1x date in December to be confirmed

The DFE may change these plans and collect data more frequently if the Covid situation changes, and we will continue to update you as soon as we receive any further information.

Once again thank you for your continued assistance and support.