Attendance register refresh and update

The attendance register system is being refreshed and updated for the 1st September 2020.

  • Children aged over 4 years old will be removed from your attendance register list (in readiness for them starting reception)
  • A new “Help with this question” dropdown menu has been added to the summary screen for the question “Total number of children attending today” (click on the arrow to expand the section)
  • A new question has been added to the summary screen “Number of children registered to attend in a typical week”. This question also has a “Help with this question” dropdown menu. This question is being asked to help us calculate the percentage of children returning to childcare
  • If your early years childcare provision is part of a school both the attendance register system and SIMS will need to be completed at present. The Department for Education has requested this data until at least the 30th September 2020. We appreciate your time and efforts in supplying this information and understand the extra work this involves. We are working towards finding a solution where only one system for data entry will be required after this date.

Thank you for your continued help in the current circumstances. If you are having any issues with your attendance register please contact us.