Are you brain injury aware?

As a national charity the Child Brain Injury Trust works with families right across the UK when their lives have been impacted by brain injury. Every day the Child and Family Support Coordinators meet families whose lives have been impacted by accidents, many of which could have been avoided.

In a recent poll they found that over one third of staff working in early years had never received training about brain injury, and 80% of those who took part felt there was a general lack of awareness in child care settings about this topic.

The Child Brain Injury Trust are offering you the chance to fill the gap in knowledge and understanding in a way that is informative, accessible and without charge, specifically for Early Years teams, through our E- learning service.

To access these resources please click on the links below; you will have to first register as a new user on the system, and once that is confirmed you can then register to view any of the recorded sessions available: