Applying or reconfirmation of Extended Entitlement (30 hours)

HMRC are advising that parents should apply for their 30 hour codes for Summer Term by 28th February. This allows time for any queries to be resolved in good time for new children to be ready to start their extended entitlement from 1st April 2018. Parents of 2 year olds who become ineligible before 31st March will not be able to start the extended entitlement in the grace period regardless of the grace period end date being 31st August.

In addition to this, if you have any parents who are now approaching the end of their Grace period (31st March) their funded hours may need to be reduced for the Summer Term. You should discuss any changes that need to be made to their booked hours and these changes should be reflected in your contracts.

Here is a parent letter template that you can copy and email to parents which we hope will help you reach your families and help them apply promptly.  It can be amended so you can personalise with your setting details.

As always, thank you for your support in implementing the 30 hour roll-out and enabling parents to benefit from the extended entitlement.