Applications for Reception class places in Schools

Parents have to make their applications for Reception class places for their rising 4s between 15 November and 15 January. It is possible to apply after this and new arrivals are likely to do that. Otherwise, late applications will be at a disadvantage compared with on-time applicants and it is quite possible that they will be refused because their preferred school has been filled. This can affect some of the most vulnerable families, least in a position to cope with a  school offer further from home.

Places cannot be held open in case a parent applies late even if it is the child’s catchment school or they are in the school nursery or they have older siblings at the school. On-time applications come before late applications. Most schools are subject to class size limits of 30 for their Reception or missed Year Group Key Stage 1 classes. Once the class is at 30 the child or family’s circumstances cannot gain a place at appeal. Children who are allocated to a school further away because they were late with the application will have no automatic entitlement to school transport.

Your support for families may be crucial in getting their applications in on time so please be aware of families you believe are less likely to be on time. Help them if you can or let the LA know – either Early Years or School Admissions (