Academic Calendar 2019/20

To help settings plan dates for next year, our 2019/20 Calendar with Headcount weeks is available online.  We wish to draw your attention to the Early May Bank Holiday which has been moved from the 4th to the 8th May.

If you are a term-time provider you may be looking at your opening dates alongside a school, if you are a childminder you may be taking holidays at various times across the year or if you are a setting open all year you may be planning a Christmas closedown.

The academic calendar is to assist providers but you have the flexibility to be open when you choose and offer funding across the year in a termly or stretched model.  We ask that you communicate this to parents and consider if you are open for more than 38 weeks, which dates will be charged for.

Whilst children have 38 weeks of funding, a setting may not be open for 38 complete weeks and these part-weeks can mean that some children will not use all their funding and others may run out.

As per 5.17 of our Provider Agreement Bank Holidays are NOT funded if the setting is NOT open.  Any hours that would normally be attended can be used in the bank holiday week or at another time as long as the child’s attendance does not exceed 15/30 hours in a week.