A Fun, Fun, Funding Poem

We would like to send some wishes, for Christmas and New Years,

To all our happy providers, who work in Early Years,

A busy week for end of term, with children’s nativities,

Lots of Christmas parties, with games and activities.


But before you stop for Christmas, and start on beer and wine,

Can we please remind you now, of your Amendment Task Deadline,

To add on new children for Autumn Term, for those that started late,

For leavers, reduce the termly hours, and enter a leaving date,


For any children that attend elsewhere, and wish to share the funding,

This can result in overclaims, which get providers grumbling,

It’s good to discuss with parents, their childcare for the term,

Then contact the other provider, to check that they confirm,


For children that move mid-term and are added to the claim,

We recommend that both providers, make contact once again,

Update your parent contracts, to include any chargeable fee,

Ensure you get a signature so you know that they agree,


Whilst the Portal will be open, don’t complete the task too late,

As if you have any queries, the Helpdesk will be closed for the Christmas break,

If you think you need some assistance, please contact us real soon,

As the Helpdesk will be closing, on Christmas Eve at 12 noon,


There’s lots of information, on our Early Years website,

If you have a funding query, and want to check, you have it right,


If the funding is all new to you and the task brings you to the brink,

You can view our Portal Guidance notes, right here, on the hyperlink,


With over 700 funded providers, registered for Early Years,

And over 10,000 children funded, at age two, three and four years,

It’s important that tasks are completed and submitted by the deadline,

So we can work on all the data and get payments made on time,


We recently introduced the new Payment Breakdown, funding for each child

We hope this makes it easier to check your funding reconciles,

It was great to receive your feedback and all your positive thoughts

For useful information check your portal messages and this exciting new report


The funding has expanded and there are lot’s more funding streams

The frustrations with 30 hour codes have sometimes been extreme,

But it’s feeling now more settled, if parents get their codes on time,

And follow-up with HMRC if they can’t complete their application online,


The Early Years Funding Team, are here to help you when they can,

And it’s easy to identify compliments when “it was a very helpful man,”

For those that aren’t so satisfied, with the service we provide,

I’d like to assure you on behalf of the team, of our best efforts, we have tried.

To take your Helpdesk queries, give advice and support to you,

To answer your calls promptly, so you’re not left in the queue.

To advise you on the weeks per term (please see calendar online), and help you calculate,

The funding that you need to claim, so you don’t submit too late,

And we apologise when occasionally things do not go to plan,

When you try to enter the portal and are greeted by the Spanner Man,

You do not need to contact us, as the team will be aware,

There is an IT problem and that Spanner Man is there


On behalf, of the Funding Team we would like to wish providers and families,

A very merry Christmas and to enjoy the festivities,

To have a restful break, not for all I hear you cheer!

And we look forward to helping you all again, when we are back in the New Year!