30 hours funding for spring term 2021

This is the 30 hour termly update that we send to all providers to ensure that 30 hours funding is available for as many families and children in Devon as possible. It is important that children who are newly funded, or who have moved to you from 1st January 2021, still have an eligible code as the Grace Period will not apply.

The Grace Period does not apply to children who want to increase from the universal hours to extended hours when eligibility has ended either.

The letter has been designed to help you communicate with all parents and can be sent via email; the links within the letter take them directly to the HMRC website. Please don’t forget to send the letter to the parents of those children who have enquired about spaces for January.

Thank you for your support and we hope this helps you identify what funding is available for January so that charges to parents can be confirmed promptly.