30 hours funding for autumn term

Parents who want to take up a 30 hours place in the Autumn term must apply or reconfirm at their earliest opportunity to ensure they a valid code before 31st August. As always, parents should allow plenty of time so that any queries can be resolved before the deadline.

The DfE has made some temporary changes to 30 hours policy, so that parents are not disadvantaged during the coronavirus outbreak when applying or reconfirming the 30 hours eligibility with HMRC. Specifically:

  • Parents who lose income and fail to meet the minimum income threshold due to the outbreak will be treated as meeting that test.
  • Critical workers who exceed the maximum income threshold due to working additional hours in response to the outbreak will also remain eligible.

For Summer Term we have been allowed to fund codes that had “Start dates” from 1st April but from September we expect to be operating the 30 hours funding as normal and any codes starting from 1st September 2020 will not be funded for Autumn term. Please see our 30 hour funding update.

We continue to strongly encourage all parents to apply for, and reconfirm, their 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare entitlement, even if they have not been accessing their entitlement due to COVID19 and the closure of childcare settings due to lockdown. This will help to ensure parents have a smooth transition back into childcare when possible.

A ”30 Hour Report Summer Term 2020” has been issued this week with a message on the Provider Portal so please check your Portal account for further details.

The DfE have released updated Guidance this week for Early Years and Childcare Providers.

Parents can use the guidance available on Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare during coronavirus outbreak if they have questions about their eligibility for their childcare offer.