30 Hour Update

The following is an update from the Early Years Funding Team:

This is our latest 30 hour update in preparation for Autumn Term 2019.

We recommend that the first step is to go to your Expiration Dashboard and recheck any “Red” codes to see if reconfirmation was completed late by the parent and if eligibility has been updated.

We have the template letter for parents that can be copied and amended if you wish, into an email and sent to all your parents, ensuring the basic message reaches every family. You can include what a parent should do with a new code over the holidays if your setting is closed, who they should contact and if they can expect to get a response. Please ensure this message reaches any new parents that are starting in September.

With such a long Summer funding period, children who may have turned 3 at the start of term, may have applied for 30 hours ready for next term. Some of their codes maybe eligible until August so will start to change to Amber but won’t go red until the eligibility end date is reached. Please give extra attention to these younger children with those end dates of eligibility as their Grace Period won’t apply as they haven’t started to use their 30 hours funding.

You can then focus on those that have Grace Periods ending in August and speak to those parents who may need to change hours or pay for hours. Ensure contracts are updated and signed so that there is no confusion about the change of funding available for the child and any fees that the parents will need to pay.

Kind regards,

Early Years Funding Team