• Early Years Funding – Headcount Conflicts

    Please can funded providers check their messages on the Provider Portal as there are a number of overclaims for the Summer Term that need to be resolved before payments can be generated. Delaying payments is not an option so claims will be reduced as advised in your Portal messages if we do not get a response by Tuesday 23rd June.

  • Child safeguarding message and assets

    The Home Office, in collaboration with a number of other government departments, has produced information and guidance for those who are operating in communities and may not be trained to recognise the signs of abuse or neglect.

  • Re-use of protective eyewear

    Re-usable PPE items may be used providing they are appropriately cleaned and stored between uses, according to the manufacturer’s instructions or local infection control policy.

  • Summer Holiday Childcare

    We are all awaiting news of whether holiday provision will be able to open during the summer holidays. An announcement is expected from the government on July 4th.

  • Scams Awareness Fortnight 2020

    The Citizens Advice Scams Awareness 2020 campaign kicks off this week and we want to make sure you can stop, report and talk about scams. The coronavirus crisis has led to scammers finding more sophisticated ways to scam people.