• Extended Entitlement Eligibility Codes

    There were 2991 eligibility codes for the extended entitlement given to parents in Devon. We have validated 2090 codes (as of 9 August). This means there are still 901 parents with eligibility codes that have not had their codes validated. What to do? Ask parents if they are eligible and have codes Validate the codes now – codes need to Continue reading →

  • Meet the team

    We are hoping to introduce you to the Early Years and Childcare Service team. Here is our first staff member profile: Name: Gemma Cockerham Job Title: Early Years and Childcare Data Analyst What do you do? I am a number cruncher in the Early Years and Childcare Service, part of a team turning data into Continue reading →

  • Early Years Funding Rates for 3 and 4 year olds

    The hourly rate paid for three- and four-year-olds will be : From Hourly Rate   Description September 2017 £4.02 = Base Rate of £3.98 + Universal SEND £0.04 April 2018 £4.06 = Base Rate of £4.02 + Universal SEND £0.04 September 2018 £4.08 = Base Rate of £4.02 + Universal SEND £0.04 + Deprivation £0.02 More Continue reading →

  • Childcare Service Compensation

    Some parents have been unable to access Tax Free Childcare through their childcare accounts for technical reasons.  These parents may be able to claim compensation, and get the government top-up as a one-off payment. There is also the possibility of the government refunding costs caused by the service not working as it should. Parents may Continue reading →

  • Extended Entitlement: Eligibility

    Parents can check their eligibility for the 30 hour extended entitlement with HMRC up to 16 weeks before a child’s third birthday. A child will need to be three-years-old by 31 August to qualify for the extended entitlement from September.  Any child that is three-years-old between 1 September and 31 December 2017 will not receive the extended entitlement Continue reading →

  • Childminding Campaign

    Devon County Council is encouraging more people to become childminders. Look out for our new campaign images:  

  • Early Years Funding: Provider Agreements

    There are 41 funded providers who still have not returned the Provider Agreement. If you are one of these please complete and return the Provider Agreement form now (Link in Annexe A – Page 28). If you are childminder with no funded children for September 2017, you will still need to return the Provider Agreement so that you Continue reading →

  • Extended Entitlement: Invalid Codes

    We have found that the main reason why 11 digit codes are not being validated is due to inputting errors. Please check all information is correct and then check it again.

  • Have you got a news story?

    If you have a news story to share with early years and childcare providers across Devon please send it in to us at digest@devon.gov.uk If your news story contains photographs please make sure you have permission from parents to publish them in the Digest. We look forward to hearing your stories!