Two year old funding

We have made some changes regarding our internal processes for two year old funding and new invites are being sent to parents, however for providers you will see little change. Please continue to confirm eligibility in the usual way as follows:

  • Applications made online through the Citizens Portal: please ensure that you see a copy of the Portal message to confirm eligibility. This will include a TYF number and a date from when the child can take up the funded place. We recommend that you save a screen shot of the message in case of any query.
  • Golden Tickets: the first 8 digits of the MM number must match the date of birth of the child. These Golden Tickets will gradually be phased out but we expect there to be some in circulation until the end of summer term 2022. It is not necessary for a parent with a Golden Ticket to reapply through the Citizens Portal.

Once you are satisfied that the child is eligible please add them to the 2 year old Headcount/Amendment task and claim funding for them in the usual way.

Please note that if a parent becomes ineligible after their child has taken up a funded place they will still be able to access the two year old funding until their child becomes eligible for the 3 and 4 year old funding. If they become ineligible prior to taking up a funded place they are not entitled and will need to pay for any hours that they require.

Kind regards