BPHI Reporting (pupils/parents)

It is wrong for anyone to:

  • Bully you.
  • Take or harm your things.
  • Hurt you or call you names.
  • Make you feel frightened or stop you from going places.
  • Touch you without your permission.
  • Ask you to do things that make you feel humiliated.
  • Be nasty about you (or others) because of your background and how you look.  For example, because you are or identify as a boy or girl, or because of your skin colour or if you have a disability, or you are gay, or because of your religious beliefs.
  • Make homophobic comments like “that’s so gay” about something silly or ugly, or racist comments like “Muslims are terrorists”.

There are a number of ways you can report an incident of prejudice/hate or bullying.

In the first instance, please tell a member of the school staff if you can.

If you do not feel your concern has been recorded, reported and responded to appropriately you can use either or both of the following routes:

Report to Babcock LDP (parent/pupil report form)

PDF version for printing

Report to the Police

Can I report anonymously?

  • You don’t have to give us a name and contact details, but we won’t be able to support you if you don’t.
  • We will ask you what kind of support you want before taking any action (including contacting the school).
  • If you don’t provide a name/contact we will just retain this information for our records and will not contact the school directly about the incident…
  • However, if we receive a number of reports, or a report of a serious incident, relating to a school we will have to let them know that they have had (a number of) incidents of bullying or prejudice/hate in their school, because we have a duty to safeguard you and others.