School Reports on Bullying and Prejudice Related Incidents

Racist Incidents Report

Updated October 2019, by the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service at Babcock LDP. 

Number of reported incidents during Academic Year Sept-July:

Academic year No of incident reports Secondary (11-16) Primary (age 5-11) Gender of perpetrator Ethnic/cultural profile of victims
19/20 (September) 20 8 12
2018/19 134 66 68

Male: 103

Female: 14

Not known: 17

Not stated: 52

Black African/Caribbean: 17

Muslim: 13

Mixed heritage: 7

Others include: Gypsy/Roma Traveller, White European (not UK), and Chinese.

2017/18 84 43 41

Male: 47

Female: 27

Not Known: 10

Black African/ Caribbean: 18

Muslim: 16

Others include people of Mixed Heritage, non-UK European and ‘not stated’.

2016/17 79 41 38

Male: 51

Female: 20

Not known: 8

Black African/Caribbean: 23

Others include: non-UK European, Indian, Chinese and ‘not stated’.

An increase in reporting is seen as a good sign in that more schools are taking the incidents seriously and sending reports to Babcock Learning and Development Partnership (the County Council’s schools support service).

Most of the incidents are related to actual or perceived race, with skin colour and religion being used as insults. From the reports received, comments are mainly based around abuse such as ‘your skin is too black’ or ‘go back to your own country’.

Schools are mostly choosing to deal with the incidents in-house, with circle time being used with very young children to increase awareness of diversity and secondary schools running PSHE and tutor group activities. Sanctions vary from talking to the young person concerned, to fixed term exclusion. Babcock provides resources, advice and training to schools also.

The majority of schools are using the new GDPR compliant forms without naming the children involved; those who are not have been contacted and asked to use the new forms for future reporting.

The increase in reporting is a positive step, however we are still receiving reports from parents of incidents which have not been reported by schools to Babcock. Through anecdotal feedback and working closely with the police diversity team shows that there is still significant under reporting of incidents in Devon. This term we have delivered training to over 90 schools at safeguarding forums and expect to see a more accurate record of incidents going forward. We are also planning to deliver workshops for schools alongside the Devon and Cornwall police diversity team for Hate Crime Awareness Week.