Instructions for use

This space provides a place for staff, Members, contractors and visitors to County Hall to go when they need time to meditate, worship or contemplate.

This space is NOT available as a quiet or confidential meeting room. People wishing to discuss problems / private issues with another should seek alternative accommodation.

If you have questions or comments about the room please contact the Lead Officer for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Instructions for use during the pandemic

Temporary instructions are in place for the Contemplation and Prayer Room due to coronavirus. The majority of staff are now working from home and therefore this should have a minimal impact.

  • Where possible and comfortable, please consider alternative spaces for contemplation or prayer – making use of the extensive outdoor space at County Hall, for example.
  • To book the room, contact Main Reception at County Hall. Reservations are currently unavailable via the Outlook Calendar.
  • Two people (maximum) can use the room at any one time. Please inform Reception if you would like sole use of the room.
  • Facilities Management will open the room ahead of the booking and make sure the Air Handling Unit is switched on.
  • Your time slot will also include an extra 30 minutes at the end to allow for ventilation.
  • Please bring your own prayer or yoga mat.
  • Use hand sanitiser.
  • There is no need to complete the visitors book.
  • Leave the door open when you leave.

These arrangements will be reviewed at the end of the year (December 2021).

Please observe these instructions for use:

  • Staff can use the room in accordance with flexible working arrangements.
  • Users can adjust the furniture but must return the room to its original state after use.
  • Unless booked for collective prayer / meditation, the room will be a silent area.  Please switch off mobile phones, pagers and personal stereos etc.
  • Keep the room clean and tidy.
  • Remove your shoes (a shoe rack is available).
  • Ensure that any religious artefacts are removed following use.
  • Do not to leave posters or leaflets in the space; use the designated wall space in the entrance area.
  • Do not to take food or drink into the space.
  • Respect those who may be praying (for example, don’t walk across someone in an act of worship).

To book [currently unavailable/not necessary]:

  • Room booking should be done online via your Outlook – as you would make a normal appointment and book a room. The room is called: ‘Exeter, County Hall – Room Quietspace’. Visitors to County Hall may ask Main Reception to make a booking on their behalf.
  • The room booking is for exclusive use. However if you do not mind other people using the room at the same time or you wish to hold collective prayer then please state in your room booking subject line ‘ Shared Use Welcome’. If you wish to share this space for collective prayer that is religion / belief specific only then please state the religion / belief also in the subject line also.
  • Collective use may be for a maximum period of half an hour and involving a maximum of six people.
  • A sign outside the room will indicate whether it’s vacant, part vacant (occupied by 5 people or fewer) or full (6 people). Users should adjust the sign when they enter or exit the room.

The room is part of the Emergency Planning suite of rooms and may need to be taken out of use temporarily in the event of an emergency.