(Produced by DCC Economy Team. December 2018)

Local income and employment data for Devon residents (County Council area excluding Plymouth and Torbay) shows that median average earnings remain below that of the UK, though the pay gap is closing.

Average resident-based earnings in Devon for 2017 stand at £26,543 per annum compared to £29,574 nationally. In some Devon districts earnings are getting closer to the national level with residents of Mid Devon and the South Hams taking home on average, £28,207 and £28,178 respectively.

Workplace based earnings in Exeter are approaching the national average and employees in the area receive a median average of £28,844 per annum compared to £29,574 nationally.

Higher earnings in Devon are centred along the M5 corridor and rail links at Exeter and Tiverton with the more peripheral areas of North Devon and Torridge earning less than others in East Devon and Mid Devon.

Employment opportunities outside of the Devon area in Plymouth and Torbay may also support the earnings of residents in West Devon and the South Hams, though the latter benefits too from a retirement pattern which sees an older demographic moving to the area towards the end of their careers bringing up the average earnings. Many of these residents do not work in the South Hams hence a large difference of £62.8pw between the workplace and resident based figures.