Devon Climate Emergency Response Group

The Devon Climate Emergency Response Group (DCERG) is made up of senior officers of about 25 organisations including councils, emergency services, businesses and voluntary organisations and has been set up to provide the coordination of a collaborative response to the climate emergency.

Through DCERG, organisations are being asked to sign up to the Devon Climate Declaration that will commit them to reviewing their own plans to reduce their organisation’s carbon emissions and collaborate on the production and implementation of a Devon-wide Carbon Plan.

Group Members

The organisations involved with the Group is evolving. Those currently involved are:


Terms of Reference will be prepared by the end of June 2019. The DCERG is currently chaired by the Chief Executive of Devon County Council, Phil Norrey. Two further groups report to the DCERG:

    • The Tactical Group supports the DCERG by undertaking specific tasks, such as developing the Devon Climate Declaration. The Tactical Group is currently led by the Environment Group at Devon County Council.
    • The Climate Impacts Group will look further at how our infrastructure and services will need to adapt to respond to a 1.5 degree warmer world. This Group is being led by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Meetings and Minutes of DCERG

Future meeting dates and minutes of each meeting will be published here. Minutes will be approved for publication at the subsequent meeting.

Current Activity

On the 22nd May 2019, the members of DCERG endorsed the underlying principles of the Devon Climate Declaration. They will now discuss with their leadership team the opportunity for their organisation to sign the Declaration as quickly as their procedures allow.

The Tactical Group has been tasked by DCERG to propose, by the end of June 2019, a collaborative process for the preparation of a Devon-wide Carbon Plan. This process will involve a Citizens’ Assembly.

Devon County Council is starting the appointment process for a project manager to be provided as a multi-agency resource on behalf of the DCERG.