Protect your family during a flood

  • Motorists should not drive through flooded roads or fords.
  • Avoid walking through flooded areas, shallow water moving fast can sweep you off your feet and there may be hidden dangers such as open drains, damaged road surfaces and submerged debris.
  • Keep out of flood water where possible, as it can become contaminated with sewerage and chemicals.
  • Property owners – domestic or commercial – are responsible for taking appropriate action to protect their property from flooding.
  • If you know you are at risk of flooding, consider what steps you can take to protect your home. Also check on the sandbag policy of your district council.
  • Households that suffer domestic flooding should contact their insurance companies.
  • Regard all floodwater as potentially contaminated, wash hands after any contact with floodwater.
  • If you are unwell, tell your GP you have been in a flooded area.

More information can be found at Flooding.