Technical 2: FRS FAQs

Following the recent demonstrations of FRS to all Devon maintained schools, a number of frequently asked questions were ascertained which have now been published on the FRS Guidance website

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  1. Mary Barkell says:

    Would it be better for us to put all teaching /support staff on the main ledger code – I had already split the costs into main , ni and superan but if best will go in an amend them. Years ago we were told to split them – before CFR came along I suppose!

    • says:

      The Teaching/Support staff costs need to remain on the three separate ledger codes for basic (main), NI and Superann as this informaton is required for startutory reporting, such as to HMRC and Pensions.
      CFR is an alternative reporting structure for benchmarking and hence groups the three elements together for teaching staff under E01 Teaching Staff .

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