Petty Cash Reconciliation Spreadsheet

A number of schools in the Bideford Local Learning Community have already started testing and using this useful spreadsheet which we thought we would share as you might find it useful.

12 Responses to Petty Cash Reconciliation Spreadsheet

  1. Karen Salt says:

    Form very good – agree cells need formatting but not difficult to do. I have been using a very similar form for a few years – it was given to me by my Finance Support Officer. Petty Cash reconciliation takes no time.

    • says:

      Thank you Karen – if you have a copy of the form that you would like to share with us we would be pleased to see if there is more that we can learn from it!

  2. Sue Manners says:

    I have used the new form and it is useful, however a couple of points :
    the box for the school name is not big enough, half the name is missing when it is printed out, also the cells are not formatted to 2 decimal places, so it looks untidy!! Minor points I know but thought I would feedback.

    • says:

      Thanks Sue for the feedback – we will sort these matters out. They may be minor but they are important.

  3. Di Beer says:

    Just used it for first time – seems good!
    Only tweak I would like to see at the moment is for £ cells to be formatted for accountancy or currency so that £1.00 reads like that and not just as 1 (trivial little thing though)

    • says:

      Thanks for the Feedback Di – we will look at getting the template upgrade to reflect these enhancements.

  4. Sue Manners says:

    link works fine now, looking forward to using the new form.

  5. says:

    ICT have confirmed that the replication of the website has just finished and the link will now work.

  6. Sharyn Hannaford says:

    Having problems with the link. Sorry

    • says:

      It would appear that a replication error has occured on the DCC website and the link therefore does not work. We are in contact with ICT to correct this and will let you know when this error has been fixed.

  7. Julie Treleaven says:

    The link to the new petty cash spreadsheet does not appear to be working

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