New Budget Plan Released (version 4.05.03)

A new version of the budget plan has been released today (v4.05.03) due to three bugs found on the previous version (v4.05.02). You can continue to use the previous version but please be aware that:

1) You must not use the sort filters on the ‘Teachers’ or ‘Teachers Performance related’ tab, as the sort feature does not correctly sort the grades of the teachers if they have been amended and therefore will return an incorrect value in the total cost.

As long as the sort feature is not used within the ‘Teachers’ or ‘Teachers Performance related’ tab, the budget plan will return the correct total cost and you can continue to use the budget plan.

2) Within the ‘Trial Balance’ tab under the financial year 12/13, rows 17 and 22 do not pick up a CFR code and therefore do not pull through the value of these rows onto the ‘5 yr plan’ tab. This is also the same on row 22 under the financial year 13/14 within the ‘Trial Balance’ tab.

To continue using your budget plan, simply enter the same item code and amount on a different row within ‘Trial Balance’ tab, under the same financial year.

3) Three TLR’s are not being picked up and calculated within the ‘Teachers’ tab for the financial years 2015/16 and 2016/17. The TLR’s not being picked up include SEN1, SEN2 and TLR3_4.

Should any of your teaching staff include the TLR SEN1, SEN2 or TLR3_4, then you must simply enter the TLR value (as stated on the ‘Instructions’ tab of the budget plan) within column BZ (Other Annual Allowance) of the ‘Teachers’ tab for each of the teachers. Should the teacher already have a value in this column, then add the values together and put in the total of the TLR and the other annual allowance. The TLR value will then be pulled across and be included in both 2015/16 and 2016/17.

If you have only just started on your budget plan, I would recommend downloading the latest version of the budget plan and starting again using the latest version which is available online now.

All schools that have been testing the budget plan, this is reminder that your budget plan will not work after 31st January 2014, therefore please email your budget plans to the School Finance Team or use the online form and these will be returned to you in the latest version.

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