Mutual Fund Claim Waiting Days

A large amount of Mutual Fund Claims received in September have not allowed for the required waiting days when calculating the number of pupil days to be claimed. If you are unsure of or unaware of the waiting days there is a table on the website.

As an example, if someone working full time became sick on the 26th September, on option 1/A you would not need to put in a claim for September because the waiting days travel over the end of the month, but instead carry over 3 of the 10 waiting days (pupil days only, no weekends or inset days) into October as ‘days carried forward’, then begin the claim after the remaining 7 waiting days in October. A claim submitted in September for the 3 days would of course be rejected.

Within the month, for example if someone’s  first day of sickness was 15/09/2014,  after the waiting days (using the same option above) the number of ‘pupil days claimed’ would be 2, not 12.

Not allowing for waiting days may result in your claim being rejected, so please do make sure you work them out correctly. More information can be found on the website under mutual fund terms and conditions, and FAQs.

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2 Responses to Mutual Fund Claim Waiting Days

  1. WendyMackie says:

    I always make a claim, regardless of whether I know it is waiting days or not, as I don’t want to miss a deadline which will result in my claim not being paid. Therefore, at the end of each month I claim for anyone who has crossed into a third week of absence and I believe will exceed their waiting days.

    Is this wrong? If so, please can I have clarification as it is a system which has worked effectively up until now.

    Many thanks

    • says:

      Hello Wendy, we’ve already spoken via email but I have now updated the post above to include the point you raised.
      Many thanks

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