MUMIS 2013/14 – In year payment for Academy and VA Schools


In September 2013 Schools Organisation, Capital and Admissions Group (SOCA) considered the options available for the future funding arrangements of the MUMIS taking into account the Early Years and Schools Finance Regulations 2012, and now the 2013 regulations that will come into force on 01 January 2014, effective for the funding year 2014-15.

The main issue with the current funding arrangement is that the annual contribution of £175,000 is a top slice from the DSG. The regulations are clear that every school should benefit from a DSG centrally funded service – via a top slice every school is bearing the cost, so every school should benefit. The Scheme is open only to non- VA maintained schools and therefore by definition, not all schools currently benefit.

2013-14 Funding Arrangements

A payment is now to be made to Academy and VA schools on an equivalent basis to the benefit accrued to maintained schools (£1.93 per pupil), based on the October 2013 census.

Schools Forum agreed in January that non-VA maintained schools will pool their share of the £175,000 2013/14 top-slice for the remainder of the financial year to cover costs already incurred and to contribute to outstanding commitments. Any shortfall to be picked up from the schools capital maintenance grant within the MTCP.

These payments will be processed in CLASS at the end of February.

2014-15 Funding Arrangements

For 2014/15 the centrally retained top slice is delegated to all schools on the same basis as above, and is retained in school budgets. Non-VA maintained schools will have access under the same criteria as now to a contingency fund (for works of a capital nature only) held and managed by the Head of the Buildings Environments Team. Unforeseen maintenance works of a revenue nature will need to be met from the school budget

VA schools will refer to the Diocese and Academies to the EFA in the event of requiring financial support.

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