Monitoring & Reporting 72: SFVS Self-Assessments 2020/21 – submissions due by 28th May 2021.

Thank you from Devon Audit Partnership to the Schools and Federations who have already submitted their 2020/21 SFVS self-assessments. As you are aware the DfE extended the submission date to no later than 28 May 2021.

However, there still over 30 Schools and Federations who have yet to submit their SFVS self-assessments to the Partnership. If you are one of these Schools or Federations, please ensure that you submit either a signed copy with an electronic signature or with an email from the Chair of Governors confirming the Governing Body’s approval attaching the copy of the self-assessment to the School Financial Value Standard – Mailbox by 28 May 2021. The Financial Intervention Panel – Schools (FIPS) will be advised if your School of Federation does not submit by the due date.

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