Monitoring & Reporting 11: Budget Planning Tool 2015-18

An error has been spotted within the budget planning tool, where the superannuation within the ‘Teachers Performance Related’ tab was not correctly picking up the increase from September 2015.

A new version of the budget plan (v4.06.04) has been posted on the Education & Learning website and will be available later today (we will let you know when it has been published). In the meantime, if you have just started on your budget plan and can start again please download the new version of the budget plan (v4.06.04). If however, you have spent many hours on the budget planning tool and to re-start would be too time consuming, you can submit your budget plan via SecureNet using the ‘Finance Information Community’, making sure that your file name is called:


  • Where **** = the 4 digit DfE school number
  • Where schoolname = the name of the school with no spaces

We will send your budget plan back to you via the ‘Finance Information Community’ within 5 working days. To find out which version of the budget plan you are using, click on the ‘Instructions’ tab and view the details in cell B2.

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