Governance & Compliance 39: Imprest Account Debit Card Holders IMPORTANT

Dear Card Holder,

From February 2016 the way that Debit Cards and Pin numbers are dispatched to DCC card holders changed. This change has been implemented by Barclays Bank as part of their continued efforts to protect Debit cards and Pin numbers from fraud.

They will no longer be sent to County Hall or the DCC establishment but will be sent direct to the card holder at their home address. The home address is obtained by Barclays Bank during the application process; the home address will only be used for this purpose.  All other Imprest account correspondence, statements, cheque books etc will continue to go to the DCC establishment address in the usual way.

Cardholder personal details are kept securely on record by Barclays bank and must be kept up to date, card holders are required to notify Barclays bank of any change. This includes mobile phone numbers as they are used to contact the card holder should there be any suspected fraudulent activity on their card or when cards expire and are due to be replaced.

If any card holders have changed their personal details since their original application please contact me and I will advise them on how to update their record at Barclays Bank.

For Audit purposes I will still be required to obtain a signature to confirm receipt of new Debit cards or Pins and will be required to obtain the new card details. The bank will notify me separately when a Debit card or pin has been sent and I will contact the card holder at the DCC establishment in the usual way.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone on 01392 382415 or email if any assistance is required.

Kind regards,

Melissa Northcott

Payments Section

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