General 40: Importing your FPS scenario into FMS

  1. Governors must approve budget/scenario
  2. School “Publish” approved scenario in FPS
  3. Log into the FPS Web Companion
  4. From here log into the FMS Link using your FMS details (you will need to have logged out of FMS before this)
  5. Once logged in, select the approved scenario in the bottom section of the window and click “Export” **
  6. Once the above has been completed you will need to log into FMS
  7. Within FMS, browse to Focus –> Budget Management –> Import Budget
  8. A new window should appear with your selected scenario in the top box
  9. Enter a narrative into the two Year 1 boxes and enter your FPS Web Portal log-in details in the appropriate fields
  10. When this has been completed, click on Import
  11. Check the scenario has populated in FMS by a quick look at your chart of accounts and cost centre allocations

We ask you not to fix your budgets yet, until they have been reviewed by the Education Finance Team.

A reminder that if you encounter problems with your import process and require further assistance from Scomis, you will need to have subscribed to their service.

Finally, a gentle reminder that the deadline to publish your budget is 1st May. As ever, if there problems meeting that deadline, please email

** You may receive error message while trying to export your budget from FPS, indicating there are expenditure/income lines which have not had account codes assigned. To rectify this error, you will need to copy your Published budget back into your Working Budgets and assign the codes where appropriate. Once you’ve assigned the codes, go through the process of publishing the budget once more and start again on step 3 above.

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