General 25: Revenue Banking Forms

Please note that there are updated forms for your Cash and Cheque banking. These can be found on the link below.

These banking forms have been designed to improve the allocation of your school income – with a comprehensive list of valid codes along with drop down description fields that will ensure you choose the correct code(s) and VAT classifications.

If the code you require is not on the form then please do not add it – unless you know it has been added or validated by Education Finance, as this may result in your income being posted to an alternative code .

4 Responses to General 25: Revenue Banking Forms

  1. Jan Morgan says:

    We regularly bank exam fee income so could you please add 9332 (VAT exempt).
    We still use the old form for Sports Centre income as these codes weren’t included in the last update but will use the latest one if you can add 9331 (vatable) for membership fees. We very occasionally get cheques for Sports Centre lettings 9346 (can be vatable or non VAT) and vending sales (vatable). OK to continue to use the old form for these?

  2. Di says:

    Have I got something set up wrong as when I want to print the cheque paying in form it is coming out too small.
    Is it possible for someone to amend the master copy with fitting to one page and sizing it correctly? Or is it something that I am doing wrong?

    • says:

      The cheque paying in form has been created to fit on to one side of A4 when printed. It would appear that something is going awry on your computer. If you are still unable to print the form on one side of A4, please call 01392 382429 and we will assist you further.

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