General 11: DCC Intranet pages

We are aware that schools are still having problems accessing DCC’s intranet pages. Although there is no resolution yet, a workaround has been found. Prefixing the website address at the top of a page with https rather than http should enable schools to access the intranet pages.

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  1. Sara lee says:

    I have just tried this as I need payroll forms and keep having to phone up to get them emailed to me. However, although it gets me further than just saying the page is not working, it is requesting a user name and password which I do not have. Can you please advise.

    • says:

      The username and password will be the same username and password that all DCC schools use to access the online journal transfer system. If you do not have access to the online journal transfer system, you can request access from the ‘Information Devon Login Webpage’. Upon clicking on the link, should you receive a message warning you that a certificate error exists just click on ‘Continue to this website’ and follow the instructions to sign-up.

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