Closedown Bulletin 12: Coding revisions

There have been recent revisions to the coding guidance issued by our Finance Strategy Group (FSG) that impacts on some elements of schools coding.

NOTE: None of the following changes will impact on your bottom line

Definitions –

  • Contributions – One sided provision of funds from Other Local Authorities, Non-Government associations and NHS Bodies
  • Grants One sided provision of funds from Central Government and EU
  • Fees & Services – Exchange transaction, meaning that something is received in return

Babcock Income
Items identified as Babcock income in schools (eg TISP income) need to be put onto a new item code of 4374 Agency Income – Curriculum Support Schools.

This looks like it will be a negative expenditure, but we will map item code 4374 to CFR Income code I08.

This preserves the integrity of your gross expenditure and income reporting.

Fees & Charges
Items identified as Fees per the above definition have been put onto 9332 Fees (CFR I08).

Mutual Fund Claims
Mutual Fund income is an internal transfer and for this reason the codes have been revised to reflect this. The costs have been moved off of 9204 Teachers Supply Cover Insurance (CFR I10) to 9612 Mutual Fund Reimbursements (CFR I11) for maintained schools and 9619 Internal recharge to a Local Payment Sch (CFR I07/I08) for LPS

Mutual Fund Premiums
Mutual Fund costs as with claims are internal transfers and therefore costs have moved off 1831 Teachers Supply Cover Insurance (CFR E10) moved to 7935 Teachers Supply Cover Insurance. (CFR E10)

Invalid Code
Item code 9111 Active Devon (Sport England) (CFR I07) should not be used by schools so these items have been moved across to 9203 Contributions from Other Non Gov. (CFR I07)

Summary of changes

  Finest CFR Finest CFR
  From From To To
Babcock Income: A School receives income via Babcock (eg School Improvement) 9203 / 9389 I07 / I08 4374 I08
Fees & Charges 9203 / 9389 I07 / I08 9332 I08
Mutual Fund Claims: internal income transfer between DCC and Maintained School  9204 I10 9612 I11
Mutual Fund Claims: internal income transfer between DCC and LPS School  9204 I10 9619 I07 / I08
Mutual Fund Premiums: internal charge for Service between Schools and DCC  1831 E10 7935 E10
Active Devon (Sport England) : Not to be used by schools 9111 I07 9203 I07

1 Response to Closedown Bulletin 12: Coding revisions

  1. says:

    Adding new code 4374 to FMS
    Following a visit to a local school to clarify how this should be done we can confirm that you will need to ensure that when you setup this code in your structure that you select it’s type as INCOME not Expenditure.
    If you require further assistance contact your Finance and Support Officers.

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