Closedown 8: This Week’s Deadlines

A gentle reminder of this week’s deadlines.

  • 27 Mar Mutual Fund – Deadline for March. Any short term absence relating
    to March is required to be submitted by this date. Any new absence
    commencing 27 – 31 March would not be entitled due to the
    minimum 5 days waiting period.
  • 30 Mar SCRAPS – all submissions to be made by 12 noon – errors may
    mean costs not posted to OLD YEAR if no contact at school.
  • 31 Mar Capital – Please ensure that all capital projects have been appropriately
    coded to capital codes (Please do not split invoices between revenue
    codes and capital codes) if the SBS is funding part or all of the project
    please e-mail Capital Team or call on 01392 383669 to arrange the
    appropriate SBS transfer.
    Capital – Deadline for submitting Capital Debtor / Creditor
    Information including supporting documentation to the Capital Team.
  • 31 Mar Old Year – Final BACS & Finest run for OLD YEAR – 12 noon.
  • 31 Mar EOY Accruals – Deadline for Final End of Year and Pay Accruals to E&L finance team – 4pm. These should only be any changes to your first submisson or new entries.
  • 31 Mar Travel Claims – Last date for receipt of Staff Travel Expenses Claims
    made up to 31 March. Claims that are complete. These will not be paid until end of April, so will require a creditor to be set up.
  • 31 Mar – Effective deadline by which goods/services need to be received/supplied to be included in 2015/16 accounts.
  • 31 Mar LPS – deadline for March VAT returns 12 noon.
  • 31 Mar Journals – On-line Journal Transfers close – 4pm.
  • 31 Mar – School accounts closed to Schools – 4pm.



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