Closedown 20/21 REMINDER: School Year End Balance Reporting via AnyComms/Devon Transfer

A number of schools are still yet to submit the pre-populated form for Surplus/Deficit Balances via AnyComms/Devon Transfer. Please ensure this is returned as soon as possible.

Please review the form and answer all questions, once complete, please return via AnyComms.

We will require a detailed explanation for Deficit/Surplus Balances that fall within the following thresholds. Please record your cumulative deficit/surplus balance on the return:

  • Surplus balances that are 5% or more of delegated resources (School Budget Share) for Secondary schools or 8% or more for Special and Primary schools. There will be no requirement to report where the balance is less than £50,000.
  • ANY Deficit balance. If for whatever reason a school has a deficit balance at the end of a financial year, the deficit should be treated as a charge against the school’s budget share for the following year.

Note: If you are part of a single budget federation, only the hub school will receive a pre-populated form for completion.

Please be aware that you will need to access AnyComms/Devon Transfer via your internet browser as the pre-populated forms cannot be accessed via the FMS shortcut.

Further guidance on how to access the form is provided here:

If you have not received a pre-populated form for deficit/surplus balance reporting, please let us know via our mailbox:

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