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Administration 61: Mutual Fund 2020/21 Mutual Fund 2020/21 – New Members/Amendments and Leavers

As announced at the recent Bursar Briefings, the premium for teachers has reduced by 20% and support staff by 10%.

New members wishing to join the Mutual Fund 2020/21
Please complete this form: Link to Join the Mutual Fund Form

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Budget Preparation 23: SBS Calculator 2020/21

The School Budget Share submission has now been approved by the ESFA, so the provisional calculator has now become the final version. Please see the following link to access the calculator.

Link to the Budgets page on the Schools Finance

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Budget Preparation 22: Provisional SBS Calculator 2020/21 Version 2

Please be aware that a new version of the SBS Calculator has been uploaded to the finance webpages. Link to the Budgets area of the Finance Schools Website

A change to the De-Delegation calculation has been made which impacts the …

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Administration 59: REMINDER – Pension Supplementary Fund (TPECG) Closes Midnight Tonight (17/01/2019)

The window for mainstream schools and academies to claim against the teachers’ pensions employer contributions grant (TPECG) supplementary funding, where eligible, closes at midnight on Friday 17 January.

Unless you have made us aware by this time of any technical …

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Funding 53: Request to transfer 0.5% Schools Block to High Needs Block

Request to transfer 0.5% Schools Block to High Needs Block

Following a discussion at Devon Education Forum (20th November 2019) relating to the views given by schools, as part of the consultation process, on transferring funding from Schools to High …

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Monitoring & Reporting 58: Downloads from Anycomms

All Devon schools will be unable to reconcile imported salary files in FMS due to payroll numbers not found.  PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT THE DOWNLOADS

Due to the movement of the HR system to iTrent there has been a change …

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Monitoring & Reporting 45: 2015/16 IAR Schedules and Adjustments

All schools should have received updated 2015/16 Individual Assigned Resource (IAR) and HN Target Fund schedules via SecureNet

It is our usual practice to process allocations across a 2-year period, making adjustments as necessary.  This means if we under-funded in …

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Closedown 15-16: Task reminder Online Journals

A reminder that Online Journal Transfers for 15/16 will be accepted until 3pm tomorrow afternoon (Friday 8th April). Our FINEST system closes at 4pm; therefore any journals must be submitted to the Schools Finance Team by the 3pm deadline in …

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Governance & Compliance 36: Year End Tasks and Deadlines 2015-16

The Closedown timetable for 2015-16 has been posted in Budgets>Year End Guidance on the Education & Learning website.

Please make sure you take time to read the tasks and deadlines carefully and remember that the EOY accruals spreadsheet will …

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Funding 23: Schools Budget Notification Letter and Calculator 2016-17

The Budget Notification Letter 2016-17 is now available on the Schools webpages, along with the School Budget Calculator and guidance notes for all Devon Mainstream Schools.

Separate budget notifications for Special Schools and Nursery Schools will be issued in …

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