Budget Preparation 8: SBS Calculator for 2018/19 – Update

We have been informed by several schools that you are not able to download a version of the SBS calculator when clicking on the link from our webpages as previously available. We have since had it confirmed to us from the Corporate Web Team that this feature for new updates is no longer available and therefore the user will need to open the SBS calculator in the browser, click on the option to ‘Edit Workbook’ and then click on ‘Edit in Excel’ where the SBS calculator will then open up in Excel and you will be able to save a copy of the SBS calculator. Please see below a screenshot of how to do this.

SBS calcualtor

Additionally, a new version of the SBS calculator has just been published as it was reported that an error existed within the ‘Prior Attainment’ calculations. This has since been corrected and you can download the new version of the SBS calculator from the School Finance Website.

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