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Closedown 20/21: School Year End Balance Reporting via AnyComms/Devon Transfer

This a reminder to schools to submit your pre-populated form for Surplus/Deficit Balances via AnyComms/Devon Transfer as soon as possible please.

Please review the form and answer all questions, once complete, please return via AnyComms.

We will require an detailed …

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Mutual Fund 20/21 End of Year Rebate Update

It has been identified that a transaction for Mutual Fund rebate to members of the Schools Mutual Fund has been entered as a charge/debit to school accounts in error. Please be assured that the team has a full record of …

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Closedown 2020/21: Schools Online Journal Transfer System

Please be aware that the Schools Online Journal Transfer System is now closed to entries for the 2020/21 financial year. Any entries received will now be processed in the 2021/22 financial year.

Note: If you have any significant adjustments …

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Employment Status – IMPORTANT! The Employment Status for Tax rules are changing again!

From 6th April 2021 Employment Status checks MUST be completed, and the contractor advised of their tax status, BEFORE the work begins.


The following must happen before work begins for all contractors working as ‘self-employed’ or through their …

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Closedown 20/21: Mutual Fund March Claims Deadline – Today 26th March 2021

Please be aware that today, 26th March 2021, is the last day for March Mutual Fund claim submissions. Please ensure that you have submitted any outstanding claims by 5pm today. The claim form can be found via the following link: …

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Closedown 2020/21: Reminder – Schools EOY Tasks Guidance

Many schools have submitted returns of the End of Year Adjustment workbook and the two pre-populated forms via AnyComms/Devon Transfer. For those that have yet to make a return, please see guidance as below and via links supplied to aid …

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Administration 81: Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning (ICFP) Tool

Working with Babcock Ldp the School Finance Team have developed a tool which will enable schools to review and plan the best curriculum for their pupils with the funding that they have available.

An ICFP tool for Primary and Secondary

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Monitoring & Reporting 70: Miscellaneous Income 9389

As year end is almost upon us, can all schools ensure that they have cleared ledger code 9389 (Miscellaneous Income) to zero. This can be done by submitting a journal to an alternative code using the Schools Online Journal Transfer

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Budget Preparation 31: 2021/22 Budget Preparation – De-Delegation

De-Delegation is agreed annually by schools through the consultation process. De-delegation rates are calculated annually, as budgets are impacted by the academisation of schools and any surplus or shortfall of funding in the budgets identified. The 2021-22 rates, detailed below, …

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Closedown 2020/21: AnyComms (Devon Transfer) – Additional Guidance for End of Year Adjustments workbook & Pre-populated Forms

It is understood that a number of schools have had difficulty locating the recently sent EOY adjustments workbook and Deficit/Surplus + X-Back Pay Creditors pre-populated forms in AnyComms.

Please be aware that these can be found within Devon Transfer and …

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