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General 127: New Online Schools Journal Database Incoming

The currently online schools journal database as we know it is changing. If you currently use the system and wish to continue using it, please can you email with the below details…

  1. School you work at
  2. your full name

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General 126: Maintained Schools Funding Improvement Survey

The ESFA are making improvements to the place you go to online to view your funding from the ESFA. They have requested your valuable input, specifically from maintained schools, in the following roles:

  • bursars, finance officers or equivalent
  • anyone

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Governance & Compliance 61: Budget Plan & Spring FRS Submission

The deadline has passed for schools to lock and publish their Budget Plan within HCSS Budgeting. Please check that this has been completed and if not, please notify Warren Smart ( with a reason why the budget plan …

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General 125: Today’s C£ASS Run and AnyComms

Hosted Schools: SCOMIS recommend you use the new “Devon Transfer” shortcut under Apps and Tools to download this batch of files and any future files.  The shortcut will direct you to the web version of AnyComms.  A user guide on …

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Funding 49: Looked After Children Pupil Premium

This year the Virtual School will pay the flat rate of £700 for each term where a quality assured Personal Education Plan (PEP) has taken place.  As last year, this allows for some retention of the grant to cover training …

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Administration 50: Maintained Schools Carry Forward Notifications to Finance Team

Dear Colleagues,

If you have not already done so, would you please notify us of any relevant carry forward as outlined in the Central Payment Schools Letter. Preferably no later than 24th May 2019.

“If you are intending to carry …

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Governance & Compliance 60: Budget Plan 2019/20

All maintained schools should have locked and published their budget plan scenario within HCSS on or before the 1st May 2019. However, the publication of a number of budget plans still remain outstanding. Please can you check to make sure

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Monitoring & Reporting 56: New Ledger Codes

Payroll have had to change the ledger codes for some expenses due to the way they will be processed in iTrent. For simplicity, Payroll’s Finance team now want to make the change with effect from 1st April 2019 rather …

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General 124: HCSS Next Upgrade – Adding of URN

Please see attached guidance for schools to input their URN into HCSS Budgeting, in preparation for the next upgrade.

Schools will move to the Access Workspace by the end of the year but will be contacted prior to conversion and …

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