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Funding 26: Schools Funding Consultation 17-18

Continuing on from the significant reforms to schools funding arrangements implemented by this government over the last two years and the recent announcement of a minimum funding level for each local area, the LA, in conjunction with Headteacher and Governor …

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General 51: Converting To A Single Budget Federation

If you are thinking of converting to a single budget federation as of April 2017, then you need to inform the Education & Learning Team before the October half term.

For more information please visit School Finance Webpages which contains …

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Monitoring & Reporting 44: Miscellaneous Income and Expenditure

Can we please ask Maintained Schools to make every effort to clear any amounts on ledger codes 9389 (Miscellaneous Income) and 4901 (Miscellaneous Expenditure) and journal to an alternative code using the Schools Online Journal Transfer System

There is currently …

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Administration 32: Payroll Deadlines – do you know when these are?

Please take note of the Payroll Deadlines in order to avoid overpayments due to late notification of changes.…

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Monitoring and Reporting 43: Academy SEN IAR Pupil Data

Academy 2016/17 details of the SEN Pupil Individual Assigned Resources (IAR) are available via Secure Net.

Please review the schedules and let the SEN team know if you believe changes need to be made.  The first payment for Academy SEN …

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