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General 51: FPS Updated User Guides – New

As promised at the original training sessions, HCSS have now created a comprehensive list of user guides within FPS. You can find them when you log in; on the left hand toolbar under Help (?) > User Guides.…

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Governance & Compliance 47: Carry Forward Balances Confirmed

Confirmation of your carry forward balances for 2015/16 to 2016/17 have been uploaded via the Finance Information Community on RM SecureNet Plus.

If you have any queries, please email School Finance Team

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General 50: ICT Service Alert – Internet access issue

Due to a national major outage being suffered by an external provider certain sites/schools are currently unable to access the internet / DCC Network.

The provider is currently working on a resolution to this national issue as a priority.

There …

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Administration 31: Mutual Fund Claims

We’ve recently had a number of schools believing they have submitted a Mutual Fund Claim form – which ultimately has not reached us. Please be aware that after inputting into every applicable field and clicking submit, you should be taken …

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General 49: NJC Scale on FPS

HCSS have just released an optional update to include the increased NJC Scale. If accepted, the update will only affect your Working Scenarios – your locked and published budgets will remain the same. We requested the update be optional as …

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Governance & Compliance 46: Summer Monitoring Statements (FRS)

Following on from the original blog postings on the 6th and 12th July 2016, further discussions have been held both internally and with schools and it has been agreed that schools are able to submit a period 2,

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Governance & Compliance 45: Summer Monitoring Statements (FRS)

This is just gentle reminder that the Education & Learning Team has only received 52 FRS monitoring statements so far that relate to either period 3 or 4 for the summer term.

If you have submitted an FRS report for

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Governance & Compliance 44: Summer Monitoring Statements (FRS)

A reminder to all maintained schools that the summer monitoring statement (FRS) is due on or before the end of July for either period 3 or 4, as in accordance with the ‘Scheme For Financing School’ section 2.1.2.

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General 48: Universal Infant Free School Meal Incorrect Notifications

The Universal Infant Free School Meal Notifications for the 2016/17 financial year have been uploaded to RM Securenet Plus comprising of:

  • 2015/16 Academic Year Final Allocation
  • 2016/17 Academic Year Provisional Allocation

Unfortunately the 2016/17 notification for 192 schools are incorrect …

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