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General 35: End of year accruals

A gentle reminder than the deadline for submitting both EOY accruals and Pay accruals is 4PM on 1st April.…

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Governance & Compliance 41: Urgent Reminder re: P11D!

There are still schools who have not submitted their 15/16 P11D Declaration.

As the DCC deadline date falls in the Easter Holidays, schools need to submit their return before the end of term. Forms can be emailed to the

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General 34: FPS Accrual Charges

Sorry for any confusion, but please note that schools are not required to set-up an accrual for the FPS licences. The charge is currently being processed and will total £643 (Personnel 7 & FMS6 Links of £200 and FPS Web …

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General 33: Capital Debtors / Creditors & Single Budget Federations Spend by Site

Capital Debtors / Creditors Schedule

End of year Accruals spreadsheet for Capital Debtors and Creditors

Please relay queries regarding Capital accruals to

Single Budget Federations – Spend by Site

Spend by Site


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Governance & Compliance 40: New CFR Code

A new ledger code has been introduced for 15/16 onwards;

Ledger code 9095

CFR I06: Other Government Grants

Ledger code 9095 should be used for the National School Apprenticeships Grant

The CFR coding documents have been updated online to reflect …

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Administration 30: Mutual Fund Calculator

Due to  slight error in FTE figures received, we have made an amendment to the Mutual Fund Calculator which will have revised FTE figures based on January pay. Apologies for the inconvenience.…

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General 32: Accruals spreadsheets

The accruals spreadsheets have now been fixed. However, the old links will no longer work due to the error. Please use the below links for future use.

End of Year Accruals

End of Year Accruals relating to Pay/Travel

Apologies for …

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General 31: Accruals spreadsheet bug

Please be aware there is a bug in both the accruals spreadsheets, causing a DEBUG error. This is being investigated and an email confirming it is safe to use will be sent out ASAP.…

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Governance & Compliance 39: Imprest Account Debit Card Holders IMPORTANT

Dear Card Holder,

From February 2016 the way that Debit Cards and Pin numbers are dispatched to DCC card holders changed. This change has been implemented by Barclays Bank as part of their continued efforts to protect Debit cards and …

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Governance & Compliance 38: Payroll Claims at Year end

Due to the changes to the corporate timescales late pay runs and supply claims relating to March that would usually be moved back into the current financial year (2015/16) will require accruals to be set up.

Schools will receive a …

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