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General 17: End of Contracted Out National Insurance Changes for April 2016

Currently employees who pay in to the Local Government Pension Scheme or Teachers’ Pension Scheme pay a lower rate of National Insurance. This is known as ‘Contracted Out’ as the employee is not contributing to the State Second Pension, previously …

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Monitoring & Reporting 39: CFR category change for ledger code

Please be aware that ledger code 9314 has changed from I08 to I07. Please would you make the necessary change in FMS so your records match our own.

Many thanks.…

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Monitoring & Reporting 37: Autumn FRS Reports

It is that time of year again where DCC maintained schools are required to submit their latest budget monitoring reports. Please may we remind you that:

1.) All reports must be sent back to DCC via the Finance Information Community …

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Monitoring & Reporting 38: Capital notifications 15-16

We have just uploaded the Capital notifications for 2015-16 via SecureNet. Please accept our apologies for the delay.…

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General 16: WeRe Bank – Important Notice

If you receive payment for goods or services via WeRe Bank Cheques or Stationery, please note the information contained on the Financial Conduct Authority website.…

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