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Administration 25: Mutual Fund Period 3 Claims Deadline

Just a reminder to all schools who are still in, that the deadline for Period 3 Mutual Fund Claims is today.

Also, the claims deadline for Period 4 is now not until the 30th September.…

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Governance & Compliance 25: Budget Plan Queries

The Education & Learning Team have been busily looking at all the budget plans received this term. However, it has taken a little bit longer than anticipated to go through and query them all. We will continue to look at …

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General 5: Cold Calls from Companies re. Support / Subscription

We are aware schools are currently being targeted by companies trying to get them to support / subscribe to their publications.

Those we have been informed about are ‘The Burning Issue’ (Fire Service) and ‘Billboard’ (Police Authority).¬†Although both magazines …

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Administration 24: Overdrawn Imprest Accounts

Just a little reminder to ensure your Imprest Account has been reimbursed before breaking up for the Summer holidays.

If not completed the account is at risk of being left overdrawn for the duration of the Summer Holidays meaning DCC …

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Governance & Compliance 24: Summer FRS Monitoring Returns

The Education & Learning Team has received a high number of FRS Summer monitoring returns, however a number of these returns have contained errors. These errors include incorrect CFR mappings, incorrect ledger codes used and the wrong layout applied to …

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Funding 18: UIFSM Grant 2014/15 Final Allocation and 2015/16 Initial Allocation

UIFSM 2014/15 Final Allocation and 2015/16 Initial Allocation are being processed in July. The funding has been processed in 3 parts as follows:

  • Final UIFSM for the 2014/15 Academic Year
  • UIFSM Provisional Allocation for the 2015/16 Academic Year
  • Small Schools

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Monitoring and Reporting 32: Miscellaneous Income and Expenditure

Can we please ask Maintained Schools to make every effort to clear any amounts on ledger codes 9389 (Miscellaneous Income) and 4901 (Miscellaneous Expenditure) before the end of the Summer Term, and journal to an alternative code using the Schools …

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Governance & Compliance 23: Budget Plan Returns

The Education & Learning Team can confirm that all budget plans have now been received and would like to thank all schools for returning their budget plans.

35% of all budget plans have been interrogated so far and should any …

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