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Governance & Compliance 13: EOY Accruals

The deadline for the EOY accruals was last Friday, but if you have not submitted your accrual workbook already please do so immediately. Alternatively, if you have a nil return please email the School Finance Team ( to …

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Governance & Compliance 12: P11D Expenses and Benefits 2014-15

You may be aware from previous years of the need to collect information to allow the completion of the P11d return.

The Authority is required to make a return to HM Revenue & Customs by 6th July 2015, …

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Funding 16: 2015-16 SBS Calculator v4

The calculator has been updated in the Schools Block Tab Table 3 to identify the New Delegation in detail which splits the Local Learning Community out as Funding delegated for Collaborative Planning.

Also on the Summary Tab the ledger code …

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Monitoring and Reporting 25: CFR 2013-14 Secondary School Spend Data

The Department for Education has published school income and spending data for 2013-14 for all LA maintained secondary schools in England.

This data comes from schools’ Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) returns which they provide to the Department.

It has been …

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Governance & Compliance 11: Capital EOY Accruals, Retentions & Site Spend

A number of spreadsheets are now available from the School Finance EOY webpages with regards to Capital debtors and creditors, retentions and site spend.

Debtors / Creditors

Please enter all capital debtors and creditors using the available spreadsheet online.…

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Funding 15: DFC Allowances

Please note that the DFE have posted the expected Devolved Formula Capital allowances for all schools and is available online.

You will need to look up your school under table 2a.

If you are a single budget federation school …

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Funding 14: New Delegation 2015-16

The new delegation included in the SBS Calculator for 2015-16 can be broken down as follows –

Primary New Delegation – £46.51 per pupil and Lump Sum of £1,750

  • School Broadband – £28.54
  • Thrive – £0.88
  • Speechlink – £0.43
  • Collaborative

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Monitoring and Reporting 24: New ledger Code for Connecting Classrooms

It has come to our attention that there is a grant from the British Council for Connecting Classrooms. As this is a Government Public Corporation so requires it’s own ledger code for the purposes of Whole Government Accounts.

Please …

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Administration 18: March Mutual Fund Claims

For all schools that are currently part of the Mutual Fund, this is just a reminder that you have until Friday (20th March) this week to submit a Mutual Fund claim for March. So please make sure all claims for

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Governance & Compliance 10: Year End Tasks & Deadlines

If you have not spotted already, the closedown timetable for 2014/15 has recently been posted on the Education & Learning website. Please make sure to read the tasks and deadlines carefully and remember that the EOY accruals spreadsheet will …

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