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Funding 11: Schools Budget Notification Letter and Calculator

As you may be aware the Budget Calculator and Notification Letter are now available on the Schools webpages for all Devon Mainstream Schools.

We are planning to get the separate budget notifications for Special Schools and Nursery Schools by the …

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Funding 10: SEN Funding Workshops for Secondary Schools

SEN Funding Workshops are being held for Secondary Schools during March and details can be found in the Newsletter sent to Secondary Heads

The first of these workshops is on Wednesday 4th March (Okehampton).

The objective is to ensure that …

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Administration 16: Income received by Revenue

The Revenue section have received income which they currently cannot allocate

In November from the DfE, but no remittance advice for income relating to TS Core Grant, NSS Bursary, SLE Designation Support Grant and CTG Test & Learn.

In February …

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Administration 15: Mutual Fund 2015/16

The Mutual Fund letter for 2015/16 detailing changes to the Mutual Fund scheme for 2015/16 along with the Mutual Fund premium calculator is now available online via the Mutual Fund website. This letter also specifies what is required for …

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Governance & Compliance 8: Grant Applications

Schools in Devon have recently been contacted by companies offering assistance in applying for grants offering specialist grant funding consultants with minimal work needed to secure funding, with no risk or cost to the school if the funding application is …

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Administration 14: Mutual Fund February & March Claim Deadline Dates

The claim deadline dates for all Mutual Fund claims for February and March 2015 have changed slightly to make sure that the anticipated remaining 50% of claims are paid by the end of March (end of the financial year). The …

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Monitoring and Reporting 22: Budget Plan Demonstration FAQs

Following the budget plan demonstrations that took place in January, all the questions that were asked on the day have been typed up and answers provided is now available online.


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Monitoring and Reporting 20: CFR coding E99 and I99 changes

Further to discussions with Capita and HCSS it will not be possible to have these CFR codes added to FMS. It therefore means within your systems that you should ensure that the ledger codes previously stated as CFR E99 are …

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Monitoring and Reporting 21: SCITT Ledger code changed – 9314

Schools will have noticed that income from SCITT is no longer being put against the ledger code 9601 (Internal Recharges (Cr), but on ledger code 9314 (P Ledger Income)

This is the correct code as they are no longer an …

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Monitoring and Reporting 19: CFR – Data Cleanse

There are a number of ledger codes no longer to be used by Schools.  All Maintained Schools are  to clear any amounts on these ledger codes by the first week in March, and journal to an alternative code using the

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