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Funding 7 – Early Years Deprivation Funding Autumn Term 2014

It is unlikely that the early years deprivation funding for the autumn term is going to be calculated and processed in time before the Christmas break, but rest assured that it will be paid by the end of January 2015.…

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Monitoring & Reporting 8: Ledger Codes relating Production Kitchens

As a result of a further review of the coding and in light of Production Kitchens supplying both internal and external schools please see the following revised guidance.

With the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) a distinction …

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Administration 8: Budget Planning Tool Demonstration – Friday, January 23rd 2015

The Education & Learning Team can now confirm that the ‘Budget Planning Tool Demonstrations’ will take place on Friday, January 23rd at Exeter racecourse and the online booking form is now available for you to confirm your place(s).

Schools can …

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Monitoring and Reporting 7 : SecureNet – Notifications of Remittances and High Need SEN Reports

At the Devon Education (Schools) Forum, 24 Oct 2014, it was highlighted that RM SecureNet is the only form of data transfer that the LA will use in relation to sensitive information (such as high needs top up funding details). …

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General 3: Budget Planning Tool Demonstrations

The Education & Learning Team are contemplating on providing a demonstration for the budget planning tool for 2015-2018 on Friday, January 23rd at Exeter Racecourse. The cost of this demonstration will cost £15 per person, with a demonstration being …

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