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Cash Collection 2014 – Part 2

Following on from the blog posting earlier on today with regards to the new cash collection contract commencing from 01/04/14, G4S have advised that existing collection arrangements will continue up to the end of Summer term. G4S will be in …

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Closedown Bulletin – 2: Timetable Revision

There has been a slight amendment to the Closedown Timetable for 2013-14 regarding the last day of inputting SCRAPS payments. Please ensure that you are working from version 2 of the timetable.…

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Cash Collection 2014

The Supply of Cash Collection and Cash in Transit Services has recently been re-tendered and we are now pleased to advise that G4S will be continuing with the service for a further 12 months with to option to extend by …

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Closedown Bulletin – 1: Task reminder – End of Year Accruals

The 31st March will soon be upon us so just a gentle reminder that your end of year accruals lists need to be with us by next Monday at the latest. Thanks to those of you who have already submitted.…

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Duplicate Payments

It came to our attention last Thursday (20 March) that a number of payments had been processed twice. These have now been reversed within your budgets to rectify the problem.

Areas that were effected were month 11 payments for Maternity …

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Mutual Fund Calculator 24/03/2014

Further to the Blog posting last week about The Mutual Fund Calculator showing incorrect information, The Mutual Fund Calculator has now replicated on our webpage and is now showing the correct FTEs for both teachers and support staff. Please be …

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Duplicate Payments 20/03/2014

 It has come to our attention that a number of payments have been processed this week which were initially processed at the end of February. This is currently being investigated, and will be corrected in the next day or two.…

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Mutual Fund Calculator

It has come to our attention that the Mutual Fund calculator is incorrectly picking up the number of FTEs for some schools in regards to both teachers and support staff. We are currently working on rectifying this issue and anticipate …

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Mutual Fund Membership for 2014/15

A quick reminder that schools currently in the Mutual Fund for 2013/14 will automatically be assumed to be scheme members for 2014/15 unless the school signals by the end of March that they have chosen to opt out. Should you …

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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

The year 7 catch up premium for the 2013/14 financial year is being processed on Friday. A new ledger code 9055 will need to be used which will be narrated Pupil Premium Year 7 Catch Up. The mapping for CFR …

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