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2013-14 Autumn Term Need to Know

Please see the attached link to the 2013/14 Autumn Term edition of the Need to Know Newsletter for Schools. Included are details on Transaction Notifications, Local Learning Communities Funding 2013/14, Bursar Briefings and more.…

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Bursar Briefings

This year we have partnered up with Babcock and will be presenting the new budget planning model at the Bursars Briefings at locations around Devon towards the end of January 2014.

These Bursar Briefings are available to School Business Managers …

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SEN Mainstream Guidance

Those of you who attended the recent bursars briefings will have heard Adrian talking about the recently released document from Devon covering Supporting Children & Young People with Special Educational Needs (SEN); Mainstream Schools.  This document outlines the direction of …

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Latest Announcement on Pupil Premiums

Please see the attached link detailing the Department for Education’s latest announcement on pupil premiums, published on Thursday 12th December 2013.…

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Secure Access Phase 2

The Department for Education has implemented Phase 2 of the Secure Access system which contains COLLECT, S2S and Key to Success.  This will allow a school to have up to 5 more users with their own access rights to Secure …

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Mutual Fund Claims for November

A reminder that all Claims for November absences are accepted until Tuesday 31st December 2013, however due to schools being closed as a result of the Christmas Holidays please submit claims as soon as possible in order for them to …

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For the attention of the Finance Department

Below is a summary of reports uploaded to RM Securenet Plus and explanation of transactions processed by the School Finance Team for November 2013.

Notification files – these files list details of transactions that are going to occur in the …

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£3M Support Fund for Service Children in State Schools

Please see the attached documents of information with regards to the next round of £3M Support Fund for Service Children in State Schools, who have 5 or more service children in their school. The Fund application pack is made up …

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School debtor invoices to Babcock

Just to finalise the VAT treatment for the various transactions between schools and Babcock – and thanks to various people at Babcock for clarifying what the transactions are for.  The VAT treatment should be as follows:

Vatable at 20%

  • Secondments

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Online Forms

I am able to report today after further discussion with ICT, that there is a fault with the online forms available on the School Finance website. The original fault was reported back in the summer but ICT reported that no …

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