Administration 95: Mutual Fund – New Claim Form Auto Complete Issue

The Team are aware that some claim submissions are received where both the staff name and certifier names are the same. These claims are then subsequently rejected with advice notes sent to the sender. This issue is caused by the …

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Administration 94: Mutual Fund Members – Covid-19 Coverage Update

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

The Mutual Fund can help with your supply costs where a pregnant member of staff has begun a period of leave from 28 weeks, due to a risk assessment completed with the individual by the school. Further …

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Administration 93: Use of Visa Credit Cards as Amazon Payment Method

Today we have been made aware that from the 19 January 2022, Amazon will no longer accept Visa issued credit cards. The vast majority of our procurement cards are issued by Visa and are classed as credit cards, therefore this …

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General 172: Senior Mental Health Lead Training – Grant Applications

Schools and colleges can now apply for a grant to access senior lead training for mental health. You can find further information regarding the training on the Govt website, including what it covers, who it’s intended for, and how to 

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Governance & Compliance 74: Temporary 12.5% VAT – Declaration of Income and payment processing guidance

Schools accounting systems don’t have a code for the temp 12.5% VAT rate

The temp 12.5% rate applies to supplies of catering / hospitality, accommodation and admission to certain attractions.

Schools must charge and account for 12.5% VAT on:

  • Catering

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Administration 92: Covid-19 Contain Outbreak Management Funding (COMF) Information

Schools will have recently received funding relating to the Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF). Further information regarding the funding can be found below.

The COMF funds will support

  • Preventative measures including PPE/Cleaning/Signage
  • Support for increasing costs of heating and/or enhanced

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General 171: Fraudulent Invoices to Schools

We have recently been made aware of an incident where a school has received an invoice purporting to be from one of their regular suppliers. Fortunately, due to the school’s vigilance, they spotted that the bank details had been amended …

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Governance & Compliance 73: Item Code 9174 & CFR Heading I18 Amendments

In-Year updates have been made to CFR Heading I18 – Additional Grant for Schools. Please review the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) document linked below.

Item Code 9174 has been allocated under the I18C CFR subheading, wording as below:

I18C –

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Funding 64: School Funding Consultation 2022/23 – Deadline for Responses – Sunday 17th Oct 2021

Schools Funding Consultation 22-23.

This is a reminder for schools that the Consultation 2022-23 documents are available on the Education Finance web pages: Consultation Website

Please complete the response form, located under the heading ‘Consultation Responses’ no later than 11.45

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Funding 63: School Funding Consultation 2022/23 – Responses by 17th Oct 2021

Schools Funding Consultation 22-23.

An error has been identified in the schools consultation response form which has meant schools completing for MAT / Federation were in a loop and unable to give responses to the questions. This matter has been …

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