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Support for different types of need

These pages are new/under construction, feedback welcome. In the meantime you can find links to existing websites from our partners. You can also find information under the headings of Education, Health and Care.

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What is SEND?

Information about the four areas of SEND

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

This page is all about autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Click on the questions below to find out more information. page updated 12/07/19 Send feedback now >

Speech, language and communication needs

This page gives you lots of information about Speech, Language and Communication Needs or SLCN. Click on the questions below for more information. Send feedback now > page updated 11/04/19

Sensory impairments – vision and hearing

The support available for visual, hearing and multi-sensory impairment

Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties

This page is being developed

Learning Disabilities

What does ‘Learning Disability’ mean? A learning disability affects the way a person understands information and how they communicate. Learning disabilities can be mild, moderate or severe/profound. Find out more about Learning Disabilities on the NHS website. What services are there? Devon’s Learning Disability Nursing team gives advice and support to professionals and families of

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Early Help for Mental Health Early Help for Mental Health (EH4MH)  aims to build resilience in children and young people by tackling mental health issues before they become more serious. It uses a range of approaches, including face-to-face counselling, online support and self-help advice and guidance. EH4MH also offers comprehensive help to schools, offering training,

Physical Impairments

What services are there? Devon Independent Living Integrated Service (DILIS) includes delivery and installation, servicing and maintenance, and collection of equipment that has been ordered by a prescriber, GP, nurse, therapist or a social services provider. DILIS also make adaptations to people’s homes. Orthotics, Prosthetics, Wheelchairs and Special Seating Exeter mobility centre has the contract

Medical Conditions

My child has medical needs – what does this mean for their education? Devon County Council has an Education for Children with Medical Needs policy. It describes statutory responsibilities in assessing the needs of children who are unable to attend school. It also describes how we make suitable provision to address those needs. We work closely